Philip Bradley

Somebody with glasses

29 Mar 2017

Using Ripgrep with Vim in CtrlP and Ack.vim

Sometimes to improve and broaden my mind I watch the Kardashians. (Who knew such sublime things would one day be televi...
25 Aug 2016

Installing QT5 on Travis-CI to use Capybara Webkit with React Components

Because this took me so long to figure out, I'm posting it. On some capybara feature tests, my react components would ...
03 Jun 2016

Extract Method Refactoring with a Luhn Algorithm (Firehose project)

I've been mentoring at the [The Firehose Project]( for a while and the other day I v...
30 Mar 2016

Using Capybara to Tee Up an Interactive Browser Session Quickly

Even though the stuff I make generally is test driven, there always comes a time when you need to click around your web...
01 Dec 2015

Good flashcards for Vim / Rails / Ruby / Git

These days you can so quickly navigate to online (or local, using Dash) resources to get your syntax right that it may ...